Elmergib University’s vision is to provide distinctive educational, research and academic services in order to keep up with standards of global quality in various areas of knowledge. Its programmes and research are to be linked with the requirements of sustainable development in Libya. Thus, it maintains its local leading position and looks forward to occupy a world leading position.


Through the employment of all available resources, El-Mergib University seeks to provide higher education programmes and services in all specialisations and fields in accordance with the international specifications and standards of quality. This results in high quality outputs that have the ability to meet the needs of society and the requirements of sustainable development by providing appropriate scientific and research climate, and by providing distinctive applied programmes that guarantee progress, development and well-being of society.


Since its foundation, Elmergib university has set a number of scientific, social, economic and developmental objectives to advance all sectors in the region and the surrounding areas. The university also strives to make its mark through these objectives in the development and advancement of society. In addition, it contributes to research and scientific process. These objectives can be summarised as follows:

  • to contribute to the social, economic and intellectual development and advancement of society
  • to promote the Arabic language and emphasise its use as an official language in all institutions of the university in addition to other modern languages that serve the academic process
  • to achieve progress and development in the fields of science, technology, thought and art in order to contribute to the development of human civilisation, to expand the horizons of human knowledge and to attain comprehensive development
  • to build highly competent and specialised cadres in all fields of science and knowledge and to provide them with advanced levels of skills and expertise so that they can play their role in building and developing society in line with contemporary development of science and technology
  • to support and develop scientific research programmes and other different studies that contribute to the scientific and technical progress; and to provide scientific consultation to all institutions of the society. This leads to the success of the employed development programmes.
  • To employ all available resources in order to create a modern learning and research environment that can encounter the challenges of globalization. This can be attained by focusing on knowledge as an essential engine for development. The level of universality, in terms of content and practice, is to be sought while preserving the values, culture and traditions of Libyan society.
  • to participate in local and international conferences and contribute to the processes of writing, translating, printing and publishing of educational publications and providing laboratories necessary to accomplish this.
  • to enhance scientific and cultural relations and links; to exchange experience with other scientific organisations and institutions locally, nationally and internationally through sending missions, preparing joint studies in various specialties, and holding local and international conferences.

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